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Welcome Parents and Students of the Class of 2019 

 Springing into March! 



In writing we have created a very interesting character.  We have constructed this character with physical traits, personality traits, phobias, hobbies, daily habits, food likes and dislikes, accessories, and many more interesting facts that have designed this character to hook the reader.  Now we are drafting a story around this character.  In this writing we are focused on writing in the past tense, verb agreement, text specific vocabulary, and mechanics.

We are excited to share our stories with our classmates.


We are becoming scientists in Mrs. Naples classroom.  We have just begun studying molecules and conducting chemistry experiments.  We are beginning to understand there are many

variables that can effect our experiments.  Recording data is very important and gives us clues to our conclusions.


In Math we have just finished mastering ratios, unit rates, and

equivalent ratios.  We are starting to convert percentages, to

fractions, and decimals. 


Ms. Andrews has taken us to Egypt where we have been learning traditions and the mummification processes.  We are exploring

cool websites that let us practice their tradition.





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